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Biogas Plants for the Processing Industry

Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant

Biogas plants are used for waste treatment in various industries, including processing industries. Possessing high efficiency, biogas plants make it possible to maximally purify wastewater and other organic waste from processing industries, not only improving the environment, but also receiving additional income. During the operation of a biogas plant, methane is produced, which is then used to generate electricity, and a by-product of the operation of a biogas plant is biofertilizers, which are used to grow organic food.

Biogas Plants for Processing Plants

Biogas Plant for Dairy Plant

Dairies are a source of liquid effluents generated during the processing of milk into various foods, which makes it necessary to drain them into sewers and consume additional volumes of water - both of which cost money. A biogas plant for a dairy plant will treat liquid effluent, generating additional profit from electricity generation and reducing sewerage and water supply costs.

Biogas Plant for Distillery

During the production of alcohol, a huge amount of alcohol stillage is formed, which is stored and cleaned on huge filtration areas. At the same time, the stillage serves as a source of pollution of groundwater and fetid gases, which is unacceptable. A biogas plant for a distillery will make it possible to get rid of the huge areas used for cleaning distillery stillage and reduce the cost of cleaning it. In addition, the use of a biogas plant at distilleries is more efficient than at other enterprises due to the fact that the distillery stillage enters the biogas plant in a heated, or rather, uncooled form. This reduces the cost of maintaining the temperature in the bioreactor to a minimum.

Biogas Plant for Oil Plant

Waste oil plants have a complex composition, including many different composition of organic substances. In the traditional way, oil waste treatment is carried out in a very complicated and expensive way, while a biogas plant will not only solve the problem of all waste, but also bring additional profit and electricity.

Biogas Plant for Meat Processing Plant

Meat processing plants, taking into account the specifics of their activities, are one of the most problematic sources of organic waste. After receiving food, a lot of waste remains from processed pets that cannot be used in any way, and quite large amounts have to be paid for their disposal. The ideal solution for the disposal of organic waste from a meat processing plant is a biogas plant that can handle any organic waste with additional profit.

Biogas Plant for the Pulp and Paper Industry

A feature of the paper industry is the high content of cellulose and other organic impurities in the waste, which are very difficult to clean. Wastewater treatment plants for paper products enterprises occupy large areas and require high labor costs. The use of a biogas plant for the treatment of waste from pulp and paper production makes it possible to abandon the large areas occupied by treatment facilities, having received profit from the sale of electricity and biofertilizers in return for waste treatment costs.

Biogas Plant or Treatment Plant?

Any industrial enterprises, except for manufactured products, serve as a source of various wastes that must be disposed of in one way or another. A feature of enterprises that process agricultural products is the organic origin of the bulk of their waste. This makes it possible to use for their disposal not traditional wastewater treatment plants, which occupy large areas, requiring constant operating costs, not to mention large capital investments in the construction of wastewater treatment plants, but compact biogas plants that will not only get rid of organic waste and the cost of maintaining wastewater treatment plants, but will also bring additional profit. To clean their waste, biogas plants can use a variety of enterprises - confectionery factories and distilleries, elevators and dairies, oil plants and breweries, as well as enterprises for processing vegetables, fruits, fish and other organic products. The construction of a biogas plant will save money on the construction and maintenance of treatment facilities, and in the future will not require operating costs, on the contrary, bringing regular profit from the operation of a biogas plant.