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Security and Safety

Ensuring the Safety and Security of Facilities

Security and safety is an integral part of the activity of any enterprise, organization or other structure, including the state itself. Depending on the type of protected structure, various methods and means of protection are used to ensure its security. For protection and security, both passive means of engineering protection of the perimeter and modern electronic systems that provide continuous monitoring of the situation at the protected facility or territory can be used. In order to ensure the security of the protected object at the highest level, an integrated approach is required using engineering and electronic perimeter protection systems in combination with qualified personnel guarding a particular object.

Egoza Razor Wire and Other Engineering Systems

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire since its invention for a long period of time was and remained one of the cheapest and most effective ways of engineering protection of the perimeter. Invented at the end of the 19th century, barbed wire began to be used almost immediately not only in animal husbandry, but also as a means of engineering protection. So, by the beginning of the First World War, barbed wire was so widely used to create fortifications along the front line that it completely changed the tactics of warfare, preventing both sides of the conflict from actively advancing. At the same time, a highly effective barrier made of barbed wire, was also invented. Over time, barbed wire began to be used in all areas of human activity, in which it was necessary to somehow protect the perimeter of the object.

Razor Wire and Concertina Wire

Ordinary barbed wire served as an excellent means of fencing the territory, but in the second half of the 20th century it was replaced by the more effective razor wire. Surpassing ordinary barbed wire in terms of strength, durability and efficiency, razor wire has been used to protect various objects - from commercial property, industrial enterprises and correctional institutions to strategic objects and the state border. One of the most effective protective barriers made of razor wire is the concertina wire barrier, which is an accordion made of razor wire. The design of the Concertina barrier repeats the design of the Bruno spiral, but instead of the usual barbed wire, it uses more efficient razor wire. In addition, other types of protective barriers are made from Egoza razor wire - a single coil razor wire, a flat barrier, a razor mesh, mobile security barriers and many others.

Video Surveillance, Alarm and other Electronic Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are used to protect any type of objects, and they can be installed both inside the object itself and along its perimeter. To monitor the protected area, various types of surveillance cameras can be used - fixed and movable, with the possibility of optical zoom and sound transmission, allowing you to see in the dark or automatically responding to changes in the situation in the field of view. To transmit the signal from surveillance cameras, various technologies are used - both wired and wireless. At present, digital surveillance cameras predominate, and digital technologies are also used to transmit and store images. Video surveillance systems can be used as a separate means of perimeter protection, but are most effective when used in combination with Egoza razor wire fences, Concertina wire barriers and other engineering perimeter protection systems.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems, along with video surveillance systems, are one of the integral elements of reliable protection of objects. Although alarm systems are usually divided into security and fire, a modern alarm system allows you to combine these two functions, saving the customer money. An integrated alarm system can control both the fire safety of the facility and notify of unauthorized access attempts to the protected area. Various smoke sensors, temperature sensors, gas analyzers and other equipment are used to detect ignition sources, and infrared, acoustic and many other types of sensors are used to detect intruders. A well-installed and well-configured alarm system will serve as a reliable protection of the protected object from many troubles, from fire to theft.