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LED Phytolamp

LED phytolamp for plants

Phytolamps for Growing Plants

The LED phytolamp is used to provide good lighting to plants grown in greenhouses, grow boxes, on shelves or on a windowsill. Such plants always do not have enough sunlight, and in some cases there is no sunlight at all. It is in such cases that LED lamps with a special emission spectrum - phytolamps - come to the rescue. The LED phytolamp provides plants with exactly the range of light waves that plants need for intensive growth, flowering and fruiting.

The Price at which You Can Buy a Phytolamp

The use of modern high-power LEDs allows us to produce compact and highly efficient lamps for plants, which anyone can buy, since the price of a phytolamp is quite affordable. If we talk about the price of a phytolamp, then it all depends on what kind of phytolamp you need. If you want to buy a phytolamp for additional illumination of flowers and other plants grown on the windowsill, a cheap phytolamp with a low-power LED strip will suit you. The other extreme is a powerful phytolamp for a grow box; the price of a phytolamp of this type can differ significantly from cheap lamps in a larger direction. But at the same time, the price of the lamp is fully compensated by its high efficiency.

Types and Varieties of Phytolamps

Currently, the industry produces phytolamps of various types. These can be LED lamps based on LED strips, assembled from various numbers of bright LEDs, or even phyto lamps assembled from heavy-duty COB LEDs. Each type of phytolamp is intended for use in certain conditions - on window sills, in greenhouses or grow boxes. At the same time, phytolamps may also differ in the type of plants or the stage of their growth. There are special phytolamps for growing seedlings, phytolamps for the growth of green mass, phytolamps for flowering plants, LED lamps that increase fruiting yields. At the same time, there are phytolamps of the so-called full spectrum, which create high-quality lighting suitable for any stage of plant growth.