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Metal-Plastic Fence

Fence Made of Metal-Plastic

Fence Made of Metal-Plastic

A metal-plastic fence is a modern, beautiful and durable way to protect any territory not only from unwanted visitors, but also from prying eyes. The fence made of plastic panels looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, having high strength and good soundproofing properties. A plastic board fence does not need painting or any other maintenance during operation, retaining its original color for a long time. A plastic fence is not afraid of pests or corrosion, therefore it retains its aesthetic appearance and strength for many decades.

Advantages of a Fence Made of Metal-Plastic

The metal-plastic fence is mounted from standard panels made of hollow plastic boards and profiles. The plastic profile is reinforced with a metal profile, providing high strength of the fence structure, and the plastic protects the metal from moisture and other atmospheric factors, and also gives the metal-plastic fence color and beautiful appearance. The plastic material is resistant to UV rays, so the fence does not fade in the sun, retaining its original color for many years. Although a metal-plastic fence has high soundproofing properties, we make a modification of such a fence, specially designed to protect against noise.

Buy a Metal-Plastic Fence

In the modern market of fences and barriers, you can buy a plastic board and a profile, as well as ready-made panels for the installation of metal-plastic fences, as well as order the performance of all types of work on the installation of fences of any type.