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Flat Security Barrier

Razor wire flat security barrier

Egoza Flat Security Barrier

Egoza flat security barrier is a lightweight and reliable Egoza razor wire security barrier. The Egoza flat barrier is a tape made of coils of reinforced Egoza razor wire, located in the same plane and fastened at the intersections with special brackets. The flat Egoza security barrier is less bulky than the Egoza spiral security barrier, and, moreover, it is more economical, thanks to which Egoza is widely used for fencing objects within the city. The flat security barrier is ideal for enclosing areas such as a car park, shopping mall or private property.

Egoza Flat Barrier Features

The Egoza flat security barrier is much cheaper than the Concertina wire spiral, since it requires less reinforced Egoza razor wire, but its effectiveness is slightly inferior to the Concertina wire barrier. In addition, the Egoza flat barrier does not go beyond the fenced area and does not interfere with others, so it is used to protect objects located in crowded places and in urban areas. The Egoza flat barrier has a less aggressive look than other types of barriers - a big plus when used to secure a private property or commercial structure.