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Mobile Security Barrier

Razor wire mobile security barrier

Egoza Mobile Security Barrier

The Egoza mobile security barrier is a protective barrier made of Egoza barbed wire, designed to be used by law enforcement agencies or security services in the event of mass riots or in other extreme situations. The Egoza mobile security barrier in case of danger allows you to create a reliable perimeter protection system of any shape and length in a matter of minutes. The installed and fixed Egoza mobile barrier perfectly resists not only the onslaught of the crowd, but also well counteracts light wheeled vehicles, providing reliable protection of the fenced area.

Egoza Mobile Barrier Design

The Egoza mobile security barrier is a section of the Concertina wire barrier made of Egoza reinforced barbed tape, mounted on two metal frames equipped with devices for carrying and fixing on the ground. The Egoza mobile security barrier is stored and transported in the form of a compact bay, and, in case of an emergency, it is installed in a matter of minutes by the efforts of two people. The Egoza mobile security barrier is made of high-quality Concertina wire barriers and is distinguished by high quality, reliability and increased efficiency.

Vehicle Version of the Egoza Mobile Barrier

The Egoza mobile barrier can also be produced in the form of a structure of three or six extended Concertina wire barriers connected in the form of a pyramid. Such a mobile security barrier can be several hundred meters long and is installed using vehicles with special equipment. A Egoza mobile security barrier of three or six is characterized by quick installation and increased efficiency - a Egoza tazor wire barrier 2-3 meters’ high is almost impossible to overcome even by vehicles, and installation from a car allows you to create extended barriers in a matter of minutes.