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Egoza Super Barbed Wire

Egoza Super wire

Egoza Super Wire

At present, the usual barbed wire has given way almost everywhere to the Egoza razor wire. The concertina wire security barrier, made of appropriate razor wire, is a reliable and effective means of protecting most general-purpose facilities from intruders. But there are objects, the safety of which is extremely important, and in this case, the standard Egoza razor wire fences are not enough.

Objects in Need of Reliable Perimeter Protection

Such an important object can be a hydroelectric dam, an airport, a nuclear power plant, a seaport, a large industrial enterprise in the chemical or defense industry. The security of such facilities is of paramount importance, since the illegal actions of violators can lead to very serious consequences for a large number of people. Saving on the security of such facilities is inappropriate, so the most effective means should be used to protect them.

Egoza Super - Maximum Perimeter Protection

One of such means is Egoza Super razor wire, specially designed for fencing important and responsible objects. Unlike the standard Egoza wire, usually made on the basis of a wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm and stamped barbed tape 0.5 mm thick, Egoza Super cutting wire has completely different parameters. Egoza Super reinforced barbed tape is made on the basis of high-carbon wire with a diameter of 5 mm, and in some cases even more, and a wide barbed tape made of galvanized steel up to 0.7 mm thick, reliably covering a large diameter base. The strength of such barbed wire is dozens of times higher than that of regular Egoza wire, thanks to which Egoza Super wire fences resist intruders much longer, giving the facility's security service time to respond and arrive on the scene in a timely manner.