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What to Cook for Christmas?

What to Cook for Christmas?

Traditional Dishes for Christmas

Winter is coming, and soon one of the biggest Christian holidays will come - Christmas. In most countries of the world, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, followed by another of the largest secular holidays - New Year. Celebrating Christmas comes with many traditions, and cooking is no exception. They prepare for that holiday in advance, and among other questions the traditional question arises - what to cook for Christmas? Fortunately, traditional Christmas dishes are so varied that you can always choose what to cook based on your own culinary preferences. One of the most traditional dishes for Christmas in most countries is turkey, goose, duck or chicken baked in the oven. But in some countries, preference is given to traditional Christmas dishes made from fish, seafood, lamb, beef or pork. Traditionally, a wide variety of baked goods are prepared for Christmas - buns, gingerbread cookies, Christmas cookies and much more. Numerous culinary sites can help you with choosing what to cook for Christmas, which contain the best recipes for Christmas, including recipes for Christmas dishes from poultry and meat, fish and vegetables, cookies and gingerbread, muffins, other Christmas pastries and sweets.

Christmas Dishes from Different Countries

Christmas dishes vary from country to country. For example, in the United States they cook a Christmas turkey for Christmas, in Germany they bake a goose, in Ukraine they cook stuffed turkey, duck or chicken, borscht with donuts, and the Italians prefer Christmas fish dishes. In the UK, Christmas pudding is prepared for this holiday, and in Spain - fried lamb dishes. In almost all countries, a variety of pastries are cooked for Christmas, for example, in Germany, traditional dishes are Christmas stollen, in Sweden and Germany gingerbread houses are baked and decorated, in many countries Christmas cookies, gingerbreads, buns and other types of holiday pastries are baked. Drinks for Christmas include mulled wine, punch and many other drinks, the recipes of which depend on the country in which Christmas is celebrated.

Christmas Recipes

Christmas recipes are very diverse, but from the total mass we can single out the most famous and popular ones. Here are some of them:

  • Christmas turkey
  • English chocolate pudding
  • Wafer rolls
  • Duck with apples
  • Christmas Stollen
  • Borscht with pampushki
  • Christmas pudding
  • Mulled wine
  • Saffron buns
  • Carp aspic
  • Swedish gingerbread house
  • Croquembouche
  • Swedish gingerbread house
  • Macaroons Christmas cookies
  • Christmas cookies with raspberry jam

Naturally, Christmas recipes are not limited to this list, but it is very difficult to list all the dishes that can be prepared for Christmas, since each country has its own culinary traditions regarding this holiday and prepares its own traditional Christmas recipes.